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three.js - Astronomy

Astronomical apps using WebGL and three.js. CC BY 4.0

Interactive 3D stellarium

Interactive stellarium showing up to 377,880 (default 46,954) of the brightest stars down to apparent magnitude 10.0 (default 8.0), or up to 527453 of the nearest galaxies.

Constellation Orion


On this page.



General properties of the app and preset examples.


Constellation and star search

Constellations can be searched by IAU abbreviation (3 letters) or (part of) Latin name.

Stars can be searched by catalog index (e.g. "[1]..." for Sirius) or (part of) name, where only one name is given in catalog in approximate priority order:

See JSON catalog file for full list of searchable names.



Scenes tailored by call arguments (described below):

Max star count: proj.

Directions: proj.

Constellations: proj.

Near stars: proj.
(year -1,000,000 - 1,000,000 CE, tracked on "Start animation")

Fast stars: proj.
(year -1,000,000 - 1,000,000 CE, tracked on "Start animation")

Bright stars: proj.
(year -1,000,000 - 1,000,000 CE, tracked on "Start animation")

Far stars: proj.
(year 2000 CE, tracked on "Start animation")

Nearby galaxies
(year 2000 CE, 863 galaxies from Karachentsev 2013 with R < 11 Mpc or RV < 600 km/s)

Galaxies: Camera distance: proj.
(year 2000 CE, 527453 galaxies from HyperLeda with R < 380 Mpc)


User interface parameters


Call arguments

The default start view shows the stars around α 06h δ 00°, mainly the constellation Orion, but various parameters can be set by adding arguments to the URL, so the basic call
corresponds to the defaults
This permits tailoring scenes directly in the URL, e.g. to share with others. The *show parameters can be used to tailor the user interface by hiding (=0) or showing (=1) parameters. The arguments are (type /unit/ [default] min - max / step):


JSON data

The structure of the JSON file with object data is similar to below:

    {"id":"And","name":"Andromeda","desc":"the chained princess","r_a":1.0,"dec":37,"fov":40,"line1is":[55,219,219,54,54,61],"line2is":[219,604,604,485,485,617,219,597,597,569,569,315,569,519,519,389,597,54,54,414,414,667,667,554,554,295]},
    {"id":"Vul","name":"Vulpecula","desc":"the fox","r_a":20.2,"dec":24,"fov":40,"line1is":[],"line2is":[630,357]}
    {"i":0,"name":"Sol ()","amag":4.850,"ci":0.656,"x":0.000005,"y":0.000000,"z":0.000000,"vx":0.000000000,"vy":0.000000000,"vz":0.000000000},
    {"i":755,"name":"η Men","amag":-1.043,"ci":1.516,"x":14.417430,"y":49.614354,"z":-191.976142,"vx":-0.000008274,"vy":0.000053965,"vz":-0.000010069}
    {"key":"LSC","name":"Laniakea SC","n":0},
    {"key":"ACOS1165","name":"ACO S 1165","n":4}
    {"i":0,"pgc":5064336,"name":"Milky Way","grps":",LSC,VirSC,LG,LG-MW,","amag":-21.50,"ci":0.70,"x":-437,"y":-6983,"z":-3879,"vx":0,"vy":0,"vz":0},
    {"i":527452,"pgc":6773797,"name":"PGC 6773797","grps":"","amag":-20.80,"ci":0.70,"x":-173231748,"y":-290430094,"z":172971340,"vx":0,"vy":0,"vz":0}

The objects are:

The parameters are: