Russian Baltic Fleet in Baltiysk

Identification of Russian Baltic Fleet ships in Baltiysk on Google Maps from 2020-11-01.

Tentative identification is based on ship length, shape and major features, e.g. super-structure, radar domes and main armament (gun turrets, missile launchers), as visible on Google Maps 2020-11-01. These have been matched to a list of Russian Baltic Fleet ships from Wikipedia 2022-01-18. Ships of the same class have been grouped together, since they can usually not be individually identified in this way, and running numbers assigned according to those in brackets in the list from Wikipedia below. Running numbers not identified and assigned are placed after a semi-colon within the brackets. Since this is a snapshot, some ships can be expected to be away on training, missions, maintenance and repairs. Scroll image to bottom right to see the 36th Missile Ship Brigade.

Baltiysk in Russia from Google Maps 2020-11-01

Russian Baltic Fleet in Baltiysk 2020-11-01

Listed with running number(s) in brackets, hull number and name, in parenthesis: project number, class and type, length*beam*draught, full displacement, year commissioned.