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This server is mainly used for hosting resources for virtual worlds based on the OpenSimulator software.

OpenSimulator is a free and opensource platform for 3D virtual worlds. With your avatar, you can explore, meet, collaborate and have fun with other users in hundreds of worlds, including your own if you create one. You can create content by building and scripting in-world, importing from 3D programs, or use and modify content from others. Welcome, and enjoy!


The following pages contain information about and resources for OpenSimulator virtual worlds.


MB Estate view

The following pages are about the virtual world Metropolis Metaversum.

MB Estate overview

MB Estate in Metropolis was shut down 2018-12-31, so references to it are now defunct.

The MB Estate mini-continent in Metropolis consists of a rectangular grid, 11 regions west-east and 5 regions south-north, so in total 55 regions, roughly 20 regions southeast of the Metropolis center. The basic layout is two 3x3 region islands, an eastern with a Europe map and a western with various regions, and an easternmost appendix with a private home island, all surrounded by water regions. Several of these water regions are however used for roads and development, so even if just 17 regions are land regions, only 7 regions are open sea.

MB Estate continent

The Europe map (Europe C), covering 9 regions, is in horizontal scale 1:10000 and vertical scale 1:250, to better highlight the topography both above and below water. It's surrounded by a massive, decorated brick wall with towers and a road on top spanning 16 regions, because the sea level needed to be raised 20 meter above the surrounding regions' sea level to permit the vertical scale of the sea floor.

West of the Europe map, along the western edge of the mini-continent, there is an elevated, winding waterway spanning 5 regions (MB Sea 11 - MB Sea 15) which is both a design study for a fantasy waterscape and a testing ground for physical vehicles.

A large suspension bridge (Bridge) spans the central part of the strait separating the western and eastern islands. In the strait is also a sculpted model of the Earth (Earth) in scale 1:100,000 with an attenuated topography at scale 1:1,000 both above and below sea level, similar to that of the Europe map. The strait also houses a map of all of Metropolis (Map), although compressed outside the central area, offering information about all regions and direct teleport to all reportedly online regions. The map is currently offline owing to technical problems.

The eastern 3x3 region island is surrounded by a road bridge spanning 16 regions. The road is decorated with flowers, street lights and road signs, has several functioning (time-cycling) traffic signals and side roads to the island regions.

The eastern island contains one region with thousands of free terrains for use in OpenSim or Second Life (Terrains), a region presenting media including hundreds of videos from Metropolis (Media), an astronomical region (Astronomy) with a small observatory, a large orrery and a region wide rotating starry sky where star attenuation and grids can be changed, a region with a maglev railroad under development (Railway), a presentation region (MB Estates) with 3D statistics for grids and the continent, a continent snapshot exhibition, a few minor sandbox areas and a large comparison of historical and present maps of the Stockholm region in Sweden high above, a region-wide maze (Maze) with chasing sentinels, and two beautifully chaotic, artistic and charming regions (Maggie's and Maggie) mainly by Maggie Binder.

A water region in the eastern island (MB Sea 72) holds a small chemistry display. Annexed to the eastern island is also a sandbox with a train concept (Magnuz) and a region for full-scale display of RAW terrains through a vendor (MB Sea 65). East of the island and separated from it by another strait is a private region (Magnuz's & Maggie's) which is the home of the owners Magnuz Binder and Maggie Binder. In the southeastern corner of the continent there is also a hexagonal palace under construction (MB Sea A1), and a cityscape under development (MB Sea B1).

Separate from the continent are also 11 varregions, Magnuz 8, 2048x2048 m in size, used for large-scale landscaping experiments, Terrains 1, Terrains 2, Terrains 3, Terrains 4, Terrains 5, Terrains 6, Terrains 7, Terrains 8, Terrains 9, and Terrains 10, between 256x256 m and 2560x2560 m in size, used for previewing full-region terrains and linked by teleport pads from the main terrain shop at Terrains.

Magnuz and Maggie Binder met for the first time in the virtual world Second Life 2009-10-04, and the relationship deepened quickly, with them meeting virtually almost every day. It was only 4 days before they started e-mailing as well, but it took almost a year before they dared video on Skype for the first time, 2010-09-25. They then alternated between meeting in virtual worlds and on Skype, while they moved their virtual home to first Avination 2011-02-12, then OSgrid 2011-10-19, and finally Metropolis 2013-02-09. Half a year after their first Skype session, they met in real-life for the first time, in Maggie's home town Prague in Czech Republic, 2011-04-10. After that they met about a dozen times in either Prague or Magnuz's home town Stockholm in Sweden, before they moved together in Stockholm 2014-11-02. There they live happily (hopefully) ever after, usually not wanting to kill each other more than a few times a day...

Magnuz and Maggie Binder came to Metropolis 2013-02-09, set up their first sim and region the day after, 2013-02-10, created 45 water regions as placeholder for the MB Estate mini-continent 2013-02-17, added the 9 region Europe map 2013-02-18, 8 more full regions 2013-02-19 with content restored from OAR's for Astronomy, Magnuz's & Maggie's, Maggie's, Maze, MB Estate and Terrains, while Binders, Maggie and Magnuz were new, and the region MB Estates wasn't joined to the mini-continent until 2013-02-22. During the period 2013-02-28 - 03-02 the mini-continent was restructured into single-region sims, and 2013-12-18 9 more sea regions were added around the private region Magnuz's & Maggie's. The 10 varregions Terrains 1 - Terrains 10, for previewing terrains, were added 2015-01-24, and the varregion Magnuz 8, for landscaping, was added 2015-07-17.

An experimental ROBUST grid, using standard OpenSimulator server, was set up 2014-11-24, changed to the Arriba OpenSimulator fork 2014-11-26, and at present consists of one ROBUST server and 4 single-region sim servers, plus sometimes more experimental sim servers. A standard OpenSimulator single-region sim server for testing patches to the OpenSimulator code base was added 2015-04-06.

The content of the mini-continent has been created during several years, with the Europe map being the oldest part, originally created as a one-region map over Scandinavia for an OpenSim local standalone 2009-01-19, expanded to the present 9-region terrain over Europe for a private VPS OpenSim grid 2009-02-01, city markers added 2011-07-28 and country flags 2011-08-18, and made public on a dedicated server 2011-11-24.

The 66 single-region simulators are served by OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Unix/Mono), run on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 32 bit with Mono 3.2.8 and MySQL 5.5.46, on a dedicated server Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz, with 32 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD 7200 rpm Software-RAID 1, rented from Hetzner Online AG, Gunzenhausen, Germany.

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